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Discover B.V. Products supplies an extensive range of surface finishing solutions to local industry. Industries served include rail, power generation, civil, foundry, fabrication, piping, automotive and aerospace.

High-Quality Steel Shot

Perfect for cleaning and preparing surfaces, our steel shot is designed for optimal abrasion and durability.

Durable Steel Grit

Enhance your surface treatment process with our rugged steel grit, ideal for aggressive cleaning and fast results.

Versatile Cut Wire Shot

Achieve a smoother finish with our precisely cut wire shot, ensuring consistent performance and quality. Extensively used for effective shot peening due to it’s hardness & durability.

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Abrasive Blast Media
Our premium glass-based abrasives are perfect for delicate blasting processes, ensuring a smooth finish without compromising the integrity of the material.
Airless Blasting Systems
Opt for our durable aluminium oxide solutions for aggressive cleaning and preparation tasks, ideal for surfaces requiring meticulous treatment.
Air Blast Equipment
Utilize our steel shot and grit for robust blasting needs, offering high performance in descaling, shaping, and surface preparation.
Airless & Air Blast Spare Parts

Experience precise peening with our cut wire shot products, designed to provide uniform results and long-lasting effectiveness.

VibratoryMass Finishing Solutions

Vibratory finishing is a type of mass finishing manufacturing process used to deburr, radius, descale, burnish, clean, and brighten a large number of relatively small workpieces. In this batch-type operation, specially shaped pellets of media and the workpieces are placed into the tub of a vibratory tumbler.

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